Feb 27

Riddler Umbrella

finalI know that an umbrella is more of a Penguin thing, and the Riddler is known for his cane, but I thought the question mark handle would be ideal for an umbrella. When I couldn’t find one, I decided to make one. This ended up being quite expensive. But looks amazing.

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Oct 23

Hangable T-shirt Art

12063655_10153351560704888_2319506272467950983_nI have a bunch of rare and/or signed shirts. Some don’t fit me. Others I don’t want to wear out. Thus, I decided to turn them into wall art. They only take 15 minutes or so to make. You’ll need a blank canvas for paintings, staple gun, scissors, acrylic medium, and a paint brush.


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Oct 23

Chalkboard Whiskey Decanter

12144783_10153345697719888_1984227313918844086_nRecently, I had an idea for adding chalkboard paint to my whiskey decanter. You’ll need primer, chalkboard paint, chalk, and a whiskey decanter. Mine is glass. I’m not sure if that’s a requirement, though.




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Jan 10

Beach Silhouette Triple Monitor – Wallpaper



I have recently upgraded to a triple monitor setup, so I needed a new wallpaper. Here is the result. I took WAY too much time on this.

Jun 09

California String Art

I had an extra piece of 2′ X4′ plywood. I also had some left over blue wood stain from years ago. I also had a bunch of free time, so I bought some nails and string for about $5. Read the rest of this entry »

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