Jan 10

Beach Silhouette Triple Monitor – Wallpaper



I have recently upgraded to a triple monitor setup, so I needed a new wallpaper. Here is the result. I took WAY too much time on this.

Jun 09

California String Art

I had an extra piece of 2′ X4′ plywood. I also had some left over blue wood stain from years ago. I also had a bunch of free time, so I bought some nails and string for about $5. Read the rest of this entry »

Jun 09

CD Christmas Wreath

So I know this is super late, but here is a Christmas Wreath I made.

All you need are 40 CDs, a hot glue gun, and a string of LED lights.

The process is simple enough. First, I made a circle on a piece of paper that was the radius of the inside of the wreath. Next, I put the CDs around the circle, with one overlapping the next. Kind of like Dominoes after they have fallen. Once I knew the spacing was correct, I started gluing them to each other. The CDs were flimsy, so I decided to reinforce it by using two layers of CDs. Basically, I made two wreaths. On the back of one, I taped the LED lights into place. Then I glued the second wreath behind the other wreath, so the LEDs were in the middle. Boom.
Time: About an hour.

Jan 21

Portal – Wallpaper

I often find it hard to make wallpapers that work for dual monitors. Portal seemed like a perfect option. Ironically, I have never played the game before.

Jan 21

AnonWorld – Wallpaper

I was bored.

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