Chalkboard Whiskey Decanter

12144783_10153345697719888_1984227313918844086_nRecently, I had an idea for adding chalkboard paint to my whiskey decanter. You’ll need primer, chalkboard paint, chalk, and a whiskey decanter. Mine is glass. I’m not sure if that’s a requirement, though.






10155078_10153345697969888_3229544894052394768_nFirst, you’ll need to tape the area off. I used masking tape, but I highly recommend that blue painter’s tape. Then wrap the whole thing with a plastic bag or something. You want to cover everything except for the part you want painted.





11229758_10153345697854888_337209153939201784_nPaint two layers of primer (as needed), and two layers of the chalkboard paint (again, as needed). Let dry between layers, and before you take the tape off.







12088084_10153345697824888_1192775225063367105_nAfter you remove the tape, use a q-tip and paint thinner to clean the edges.









12118962_10153345697754888_8750008232243541459_nCover the chalkboard area with chalk. I’m not sure why. I guess it primes the chalkboard. I had a ton of extra chalk, so I went wild. Erase, and you’re done. Washing with water and dish soap doesn’t seem to damage it.