Hangable T-shirt Art

12063655_10153351560704888_2319506272467950983_nI have a bunch of rare and/or signed shirts. Some don’t fit me. Others I don’t want to wear out. Thus, I decided to turn them into wall art. They only take 15 minutes or so to make. You’ll need a blank canvas for paintings, staple gun, scissors, acrylic medium, and a paint brush.





First, cut the shirt open down the back, or whatever’s convenient for you. I tried to staple the shirt to the canvas as is, but the shirt is too thick and bulky. So you just want one layer of shirt.






11988392_10153351560914888_804470668994526241_nLine up the shirt on the canvas. Make sure everything is centered as you like. While holding the shirt in place, flip the whole thing so you can see the back. Staple the shirt to the frame of the canvas. I recommend starting at the corners, and then stapling in the center. It’s up to you how many staples you use.




Next, do the same with the bottom. Keep checking that the print side is lined up. You’d be surprised how easy it is to pull too hard and mess everything up. Then do the same with the sides, but fold the corners in, so it looks tight.





12109239_10153351560739888_6148746778687093507_nNext, find a well ventilated area (for legal reasons, I want to mention that. I didn’t even smell the stuff.) Paint the acrylic on the face of the shirt. It will appear cloudy, but don’t worry. It will be clear when it dries. Cover the face of it, and then go back through and make even brush strokes. While it dries clear, you might see slight stroke marks. Once dry, you can add another layer. I was fine with two.