Portal – Wallpaper

I often find it hard to make wallpapers that work for dual monitors. Portal seemed like a perfect option. Ironically, I have never played the game before.

AnonWorld – Wallpaper

I was bored.

Yosemite at Sunset – Now on sale for a limited time only.

Many of you have liked this painting, so since it’s almost Christmas time I have decided to offer poster sized (3 feet by 2 feet) prints for sale. They will be printed on high quality glossy paper. They are $50 each, or $75 for a signed copy. Yes, I will hand sign them for you. …

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Stonehenge – Layout

For the most part, I was just playing with gradients. The image of Stonehenge would always be at the bottom of the site, giving each page a “done” quality.

Nude – Layout

Yeah, yeah. I like boobs. You get it. I was playing with transparency. This is actually a solid layout and worked for a long time. I hated how low the menu was though. That part really annoyed me.

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