Riddler Umbrella

finalI know that an umbrella is more of a Penguin thing, and the Riddler is known for his cane, but I thought the question mark handle would be ideal for an umbrella. When I couldn’t find one, I decided to make one. This ended up being quite expensive. But looks amazing.

suppliesYou’ll need a Doctor Who 7th Doctor umbrella. This is literally the only umbrella I could find with a question mark handle. I had actually thought of making the handle separately, but was too lazy. The umbrella was $50.

tapedI picked some green paint I liked from Amazon. I got a glittery paint. I also got some glow paint. I got the Green V10. This stuff is amazing. It holds a charge for up to 12 hours. Sadly, I needed two 1/2 oz jars, which was another $20.

Plus you’ll need the usual primer, clear coat, and taping supplies.

So let’s get started. First, tape everything you don’t want painted. I used a plastic bag to cover the umbrella part, and tape to hold it in place, as well as the space between the question mark and the dot.

primerNext, paint with primer. Let that dry.



first layerI needed three layers of the green paint. There weren’t any instructions for the paint, so I let it dry for a day between each coat.

glow paintThe glow paint dries pretty quickly, but I still gave it a day between coats. You’re supposed to paint it on thick, with a goal thickness of 1/16 of an inch, which is really thick. I didn’t even come close to that, but it still turned out really well. The glow paint is mostly clear, but there will be a slight tint the thicker you make it. This took like five or 6 layers.

I added a few layers of clear coat because I didn’t like the texture of the glow paint. Plus, I wanted to make sure the rain wouldn’t wear the paint off.


glowingThen just remove the tape and plastic bag, and you’re done.