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Glow in the Dark Live Edge Table (Part 2: I Fucking Hate Epoxy)

Welcome to part 2 of my 3 part tutorial. Part 1 is here. In the last article, I covered the wood aspect. Now it’s time to deal with the epoxy. Welcome to my nightmare.           Let’s start with the supplies. And these are the supplies for the entire project. Also, I …

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Glow in the Dark Live Edge Table (Part 1: Wood)

I hate wood working. That’s my dad’s thing. But I do like shiny things. I came across an Instructibles Article.  To be fair, most of the method I used was from that article, so credit where credit is due, to Mikeasaurus. I made a ton of mistakes, and had to repeatedly go to plan B. …

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Custom Knife Block

A few years ago, I saw this knife block. I don’t like wood, but this thing was beautiful. I asked my dad to make one for me, because he likes wood working, but he never had a chance to get to it. Time went on, and I kept thinking about this block. Finally, I decided …

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Crossover Episode: Smart Mirror Build (Hardware)

Lots of TV shows will have crossovers where characters from one show visit a different show. Since I have two websites, I figured I might as well use them. I recently made a smart mirror, and here’s how I did it. This article will be about the physical setup. The article on my main site, …

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Riddler Umbrella

I know that an umbrella is more of a Penguin thing, and the Riddler is known for his cane, but I thought the question mark handle would be ideal for an umbrella. When I couldn’t find one, I decided to make one. This ended up being quite expensive. But looks amazing.

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