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Beach Silhouette Triple Monitor – Wallpaper

  I have recently upgraded to a triple monitor setup, so I needed a new wallpaper. Here is the result. I took WAY too much time on this.

Portal – Wallpaper

I often find it hard to make wallpapers that work for dual monitors. Portal seemed like a perfect option. Ironically, I have never played the game before.

AnonWorld – Wallpaper

I was bored.

Matrix Rose – Wallpaper

Looking back, this is pretty lame. Just a transparent rose. If I had the talent, and time, I should have made the Digital Rain code face a different direction on each pedal. Oh well.

Opposing Natures – Dual Wallpaper

I got the idea from studying Bipolar Disorder. Luckily I found a model who had done two stock images that fit. I like the concept of people being able to be calm and reserved while also being strong and exciting. Duality.

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